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Reduced administration and business growth

How we helped small businesses become more profitable by minimising admin time and maximising efficiency

Many small businesses struggle to keep up with simple administrative functions like tracking quotations, scheduling work and invoicing which severely limits their ability to maximise paid work done and generate revenue.

Common small business problems include:

  • Essential business processes such as invoicing are extremely time consuming.
  • Sales leads and quotes not followed up diligently.
  • Poor diary management and work scheduling.
  • Costs not being accurately allocated to jobs.
  • Invoices being incorrect or worse missed completely.
  • Invoice chasing being overlooked.
  • Poor analysis of profitability of work carried out.

If not properly addressed these issues will lead to lower profitability, cash flow problems and reduced customer confidence. In many small businesses this could make the difference between a healthy business and one that goes to the wall.

What we did

We worked with a number of small business clients to develop a software product that captured the requirements of small companies. We developed a Microsoft Access database that streamlined and improved the fundamental business processes. We created simple functionality within database to make access to information easier, faster and manageable such as advanced search functionality and email integration.

Key Features of Software Solution:

  • Simple dashboard system providing access to various areas in the database.
  • Customer, quotation, contract and invoices details easily maintained and updated.
  • Branded documentation output specific to the client.
  • Integrated email system for sending quotations, invoices and credit control reminders.
  • Scheduling system for job programming.
  • Integrated costing system included as part of quotations to calculate profitability.
  • Operates in a client server environment for multiple user access.
  • Detailed reporting and business performance analysis.
  • Invoices can be exported in to all major accounting applications for ease of integration with back office systems.

What this has meant for our clients

MultiWorks has allowed our clients to;

  • Reduce administration time.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Improve customer service by better information access.
  • Improve job scheduling resulting in fewer cancellations.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Manage and improve their businesses better through better access to more accurate management information.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Retain and increase customer base.
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"We use MultiWorks all the time, an could not work as efficiently as we do without it. IT Works have done a great job a in customising the database to exactly what we need." - Yvonne Allan (A.B Prattis Ltd)