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Cloud Services

What are cloud services?

At its broadest level cloud services incorporates all IT infrastructure, operating platforms or software applications that are hosted remotely. So rather than information being stored and processed on your own PC or network all of this is done remotely on the providers hardware and accessed via the internet. In essence anything provided via the internet is a cloud service – so if you have used Facebook, Skype, Google Apps or Dropbox then you are already a cloud user!

How can this help my business?

There are an increasing number of business services available via the cloud. At one end of the spectrum companies (usually larger ones) can have their entire IT infrastructure hosted in the cloud with the only on-site hardware requirements being machines capable of browsing the Internet. At the other end of the spectrum it may a small company using hosted email and Google’s suite of office software – all accessed via the internet. The common factor is that there is a reduced need for hardware and software purchases and typically a lower cost of ownership.

How can IT Works help

IT Works can help you make best use of the cloud with a range of hosted services, consultancy and support. It all depends on what you need. Here are some of the things we can help you with:

Remote Back Up

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