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What is Scareware and what should I do if I think I have a problem with it?

Also known as Ransomware, Scareware is designed, as the name suggests, to scare computer users into taking an action – typically paying for or downloading useless or often virus infected software. This often manifests itself during web browsing as a pop up purporting to be a system message warning that your computer is infected or worse that you have inadvertently committed an illegal act online. This is the “scare”. Once downloaded, the infected software can impact your computer in a number of different ways. This can include loading unwanted webpages, hiding your start menu items, hiding your desktop icons, blocking software from loading or even preventing you from booting your PC without paying a fee.

Removal Techniques

Attempting Windows System Restore is the first step of removing Scareware. Failing that, Malwarebytes is free software designed to help to remove Scareware. Download Malwarebytes

Prevention techniques

  • Keep your browser up to date to the latest version.
  • Install Windows Updates.
  • Keep your virus definitions up to date
  • Never click yes or run on the internet unless you are sure what you are saying yes to.

Getting Help

Phone us for further assistance on removal: 01383 749 966.