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Software Development Process

IT Works develops bespoke software solutions for a wide variety of clients with differing business models. All our clients have one thing in common however – a desire to improve the way there business operates. Our software is always designed with this in mind.

Built around your business needs

The first step in our software development process is to gain a deep understanding of your business; its objectives and processes and the issues that hinder growth or efficiency improvement. We do this by talking to you and your key staff, mapping processes and highlighting improvement areas. Once we have done this we can then start to design the system to achieve your improvement objectives.

Supports the way you work – not changes it

Every solution we build is designed to make your job easier – not more difficult. One way we do this is by tailoring our software specifically to support your own business processes or way of working. We will of course make suggestions for changing your processes where there is a clear benefit to doing so but only with your agreement will we incorporate these into the software.

Takes away the drudgery of admin and allows you to get on with important stuff

Most people start or develop a business because they enjoy and are good at providing a product or service. Very few people enjoy doing the administration tasks that are necessary to underpin a successful business. Our solutions are designed to make the tasks you don’t enjoy simple and efficient – allowing you to get on with what you’re good at and making sure your business prospers.

Tightens up your processes and makes you more efficient

Incomplete or missed invoices? Forgotten sales calls and mislaid quotations? Overdue payments not chased? Everyone has done it but failing to address these issues can make the difference between profit and loss, growth and stagnation – or worse. Our systems will help you to ensure that every quote is followed up, every invoice sent and accurate and every debt collected.

Gives you the insight to take your business to the next level

Do you know which jobs/products/services are the most profitable? Which staff members are the most productive? Who are good payers and who not so good? Access to good management information is essential to good business decision making. Our systems provide easy to understand reporting that provides genuine insight into how your business is operating allowing you to plan and make changes that will increase bottom line profit.

Web or desktop based the choice is yours

Our solutions can be designed to run on your network or alternatively can be web based providing access from anywhere in the world. Either way they will be easy to use, reliable and secure.

Why bespoke?

The key benefits of bespoke software are:

  • Designed to match your processes –
    • minimising change in the way you work
    • less training required for staff
    • fewer errors due to lack of understanding
    • producing a greater positive impact on efficiency
  • It is more easily scalable and more easily modified as your business grows or in the face of market/legislative change
  • It provides more easily understood management information tailored to your need allowing you to develop your business more easily

Why IT works?

Quite simply because we have a fifteen year track record of helping businesses be more successful and every one of our solutions has paid for itself over and over again. Find out more by reading our case studies.